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You’re Cut Off! is definatly, by far and wide, one of the greatest reality television shows conceptualized… besides Jersey Shore that is. After surfing Vh1.com for a few minutes during my boss-free time at work this morning, I came across this gem of a show. I’ve actually seen an episode or two of last season’s show but I was unaware that they had a second season. Why nobody has mentioned this incredibly groundbreaking series return to me I am still wondering. THIS is quality television.

If you have never seen You’re Cut Off! (i know its unecessary but the exclamation just makes it so much better), then let me give you the low down. Thirteen or so women of “wealth” (or filth, depending on what your definition of the word ‘rich’ is) who live a very upscale and expensive lifestyle funded completely by their parents or significant others are taken from their posh lifestyles and basically caged  (gasp!) in a mock middle-to-lower income lifestyle. They are all required to bunk in a crammed house with no frills, grocery shop on a tight budget, get a job, and get this- they have NO maids, butlers, chauffers, etc. and therefore have to rely on their own abilities and those of their housemates (the other hyperspoiled women). Now, I’d be lying if I said that watching these women do chores, figure out what a gutter is (which by the way, who the f*ck over the age of 10 does NOT KNOW what gutters are and where they are located on a house?!?!?!?), and attempt to hold a “normal” job was hilarious, cringe-worthy, and at times embarrasing and shameful in terms of uncovering their morals, beliefs, and views of the world. Thats good stuff right there on its own, but what is GREAT about the show… the TRUE gems of the show, are watching these monsterwomen try to, or try to do the opposite of, get along. Kind of reminds me of the princess in a way… actually, in a lot of ways. Another fabulous gem? Watching them recoil with repulse from things 98% of the population does on a regular basis, like not having a driver or having to actually work!!

Watching these monsterwomen interact is a guilty pleasure I truly think you should allow yourself. Watching Jen self-destruct however, is probably the single greatest, heart-wrenching, and disturbing bit of television I’ve ever come across- reality or otherwise

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