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If you have a master’s degree in communications, and you aspire to have a career in HR, wouldn’t you be exceptional in the customer service department? Apparently not. The princess has been receiving quite a few complaints lately about her phone etiquette and the way she interacts with customers. The words “short” and “rude” have definitely been used. I for one, am so glad to finally see that others are taking notice of her completely inappropriate, high-on-her-horse attitude. Someone needs a double helping of humble pie— pronto!!

Heres another quick question:

 If its below zero and snowing, would YOU walk around the city of Chicago in any of the following:

1. An easter pink jean jacket

2. A short skirt and heels with no tights, socks, or protective gear.

3. moccasins

I absolutely realize the last one is quite odd, but trust that I just saw a man walking down the incredibly wet and snowy street wearing some dirty old brown moccasins. Oh and did I mention that he was NOT homeless?

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Sunday, January 15th, an angel recieved her wings… far before her time. You see, as addicts, when we take our will into our own hands and out of G*d’s hands, we are putting ourselves in danger of these type of drastic things happening. I believe in a power greater than myself, and I also believe that there are no coincidences. For every birth, there is death. For every tragedy, another triumphs. For every moment of pain, there is an equal, and greater moment of pleasure. Sometimes, if we just hold on, if we just ride it out, we will find that there is a purpose for the suffering. We will see that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train. Each day that we wake up, it is a gift from our G*d. It is not guaranteed, and it can be taken from us in a split second, especially when we take back our own will.

As painful as it is for me to have lost a wonderful, vibrant, intelligent woman in my life, I know that there is a reason. Hopefully, her death will teach another addict how to live. Her death will open an ear, an eye, a bit of the soul of someone who is suffering. It will help them see that life is precious, that we are all important to someone, and that addiction is real and alive, even if we are not out there living actively in it. She has a young son, 17 years old, who is also an addict in recovery. What I can only pray for is that this tragedy will birth a strong desire within him to stay clean and sober indefinatly.

Many around the rooms are mourning. In recovery, word travels very quickly. We are a very tight knit community, even those who have just walked through the doors for the very first time are welcomed as part of the family. As we all experience the depths of our own pain, we are reminded to be humble, and to be grateful for the life that we have been given, just for today. We can stay clean in her honor, we can forge greater bonds in her honor, and we can help the newcomer, especially her young son, in her honor. Unfortunatly, this is the reality of addiction. I, as well as many other addicts in and out of recovery, have experienced great loss Sometimes, going back out means never coming back in. Sometimes, “one more” really means “no more”. We must accept that we are recovering from an incurable and, without treatment, fatal disease.

Fortunatly for us however, there is a way out. There is a way to arrest our desease and treat it. We can live normal, healthy, wonderfully full lifes. We DO recover.

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